VIVAR, Vivid Remote Support with AR

A remote support service that uses AR technology and optimized video calling for industrial use

 VIVAR 1.1 Update
VIVAR gets faster and more convenient with real-time AR Drawing on the camera screen!

What Is VIVAR ?

There are times when a simple tip from colleagues or experts might help solve a problem, but they're not always around. Could there be an effective way to communicate with them, maybe, with the power of AR?
VIVAR began with this idea.

VIVAR is a mobile AR remote support service that allows you to share and communicate on-the-spot situations through video calls.

How to Start Using VIVAR

VIVAR can be easily used in 3 steps: Purchase a VIVAR Plan - Register Users as VIVAR Members - Download and Use the VIVAR App
Let’s follow the steps below to start using VIVAR!

Purchase a VIVAR Plan


A company administrator must sign up at the VIVAR website. (The name of the company entered upon registering will be displayed in the VIVAR app.)

On the Pricing page, select the plan that you want to use: Free Trial, Business Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

After choosing a plan, select the number of VIVAR members that will actually use the VIVAR app, and pay the corresponding amount. Price will be determined based on the plan and the number of VIVAR members selected.

Register Users as VIVAR Members

Register users as VIVAR members in the Register and Manage Member page of My Page.


Send an invitation email with a unique code to each member via the 'Send Invitation Mail' button.

Download and Use the VIVAR App


VIVAR members who received invitation emails can download the VIVAR App from Google Play or App Store, and enter the invitation code.

Registered VIVAR members will be managed as a group, and they can make a video call with other members within the group.

Apply for a Free Trial now, and register members so they can start using VIVAR.
Then download the VIVAR App, and try the service!

Strong Points of VIVAR

VIVAR is designed for Industrial Use

VIVAR is a complete service that is designed for industrial use. Once a company administrator purchases a VIVAR plan and registers users as VIVAR members, the app can be used immediately after it is downloaded. It is a very simple and convenient means to configure and manage members, as the intuitive UI/UX makes it easy for anyone to use VIVAR.

VIVAR is an AR service

By combining AR and video calling technology, VIVAR allows you to share real-time information on the camera screen while you are on the phone. In addition to unlimited 2D images, 3D content, video, and other types of content that can be augmented on the screen, face recognition capabilities will be added to provide more fun and diverse services.

VIVAR is fast and stable

VIVAR uses P2P-based WebRTC video call API, which uses communication networks like Wi-Fi and LTE without server communication, and provides very fast and convenient high-quality video call services. We have also improved speed and quality with our own graphics acceleration engine.

VIVAR is available on all devices

VIVAR is expanding its services to mobile phones, smart glasses, and newer browser versions. When you wear smart glasses, you can concentrate more on the work while seeing real-time information from the other party on the screen. Voice commands, gesture recognition, and more advanced features help create a smarter work environment.