Collaborate More Efficiently with AR Technology

Various communication tools for effective remote support

VIVAR Features

AR Drawing

You can draw real-time pictures on the camera screen that you shared with the other person. And as soon as you draw, the drawing is shown on the other's screen. You can control your camera's orientation, so you can share your screen, or be shared the other's screen, and draw or erase the pictures at any time. Through image analysis using augmented reality technology, each drawing does not lose its position even when the camera is out of the first view.


In a noisy environment, or if you need further clarification via text, you can continue to communicate through a chat service. You can open and close the chat window at any time during the call.

Multi-platform Support

VIVAR is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Other remote support services are basically PC-based, and only support iOS for mobile devices. Now, users can freely use remote support services without restrictions on mobile devices.

Sharing Multi-contents

You can send images, URL links, and other content on which you can collaborate with other people. There's no need to send, check, download, and upload emails to share content.

Direction Guides

If you need to specify the location or the direction of the camera that the other person is looking at in order to provide accurate help, you can just tap the frequently used text, instead of using voice, or start chatting to get it on screen. You can choose one of 10 phrase buttons, and it is very useful when you cannot use the call or chat function.

Flashlight ON/OFF

This function provides a camera flashlight ON/OFF function for accurate and rapid collaboration, based on a clear view when sharing a dark working environment with the camera. You can turn the flashlight on and off with just a click of the button on the VIVAR screen without needing to change the hardware setting.

Use and Manage Your VIVAR App More Efficiently!

Register and Manage VIVAR Members

In addition to registering members, you can also upload a pre-created members’ list file, which can be very convenient when registering a large number of members at one time or managing a company's own set of VIVAR members. You can increase the number of members at any time as deemed necessary by purchasing additional VIVAR plans.

Utilize VIVAR Statistics

We provide you app usage statistics of your VIVAR members. You can see the statistics of all the members or a particular individual, and you can see the usage by hour, day, and month in real time after specifying the period. By checking on when and how many times the employees need remote support, you can analyze the efficiency of your company members.